1 Ton Street Crane LX Hook Mounted Electric Chain Hoist

A hoist for tomorrow’s world in which, only the most productive will prosper.

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The LX Electric Chain Hoist is Street Crane's premier lifting hoist. This hoist provides precision lifting and durability at surprisingly attractive prices. The LX hoist is designed to meet the need for ultra efficient lifting and material handling in today’s competitive world. This new generation hoisting technology is based on a highly modular and versatile concept with a huge number of hoist and trolley constructions.

The LX range is available in capacities from 1/8 ton up to 5 ton in almost every world supply voltage with single and dual speed options. Hoists are available in standard headroom construction or low headroom with chain diverter. LX hoists are designed for applications with eye suspension or powered, push, or hand geared trolley. All capacities are available at with a wide variety of hoist speeds. All standard models are manufactured with rated capacities in metric tonnes or U.S. tons.

Solo or integrated, pendant control

  • Standard 48 Volt push-button pendant for solo hoists
  • Integrated pendant or remote radio for bridge crane and jib solutions

Standard or low headroom construction

The Street LX chain hoist is one of the most comprehensive ranges of electric chain hoist in the market with global distribution. All models and capacities are available in standard headroom construction with a range of adjustable powered or push trolleys. These are designed for monorail or single beam applications such as bridge cranes or jib cranes but twin beam solutions are also possible. Additionally eye suspension models for stationary hoist applications or applications with suspension trolley such as light crane and profile track systems are included in the range.


  • Durable polyurethane powder coating

Lifting hook

  • DIN standard hook with safety catch
  • Spring loaded safety catch fitted as standard

Hoist motor

  • Powerful 3 phase motor
  • Improved ventilation to protect against overheating
  • Single or dual speed
  • Class “F” insulation
  • I.P 54 or I.P 55 protection (depending on model)
  • 50 or 60 Hz solutions
  • Available in almost every world supply voltage

Hoist brake

  • Heavy duty long life hoist disc brake
  • Low maintenance
  • High efficiency
  • Asbestos free linings
  • Easy adjustment

CNC Machined Hoist Gearbox

  • High performance low noise
  • Hardened and heat treated gears
  • Compact design
  • Operates efficiently from -20 to +50°C (-4 to 122°F)

Overload protection / hoist and lower limit switches

  • Friction type torque limiting slipping clutch
  • Prevents over hoisting and over lowering
  • Easy adjustment
  • Prevents operator overloading the hoist
  • Effective protection of the hoist motor

Durable chain, drive sprocket and guide

  • High accuracy CNC machined drive sprocket
  • Geometrically precise chain
  • High tensile zinc coated
  • High resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Precision calibrated chain guide

Chain collection

  • Compact durable chain collection container
  • Various sizes depending on chain length

Optional equipment and specifications

  • Quick release electrics with plug and sockets for crane applications
  • Trolley limit switch
  • I.P 55 and I.P 65 electrical enclosures
  • Upper and lower limit switches (standard on all LX3 models)
  • Single phase 230v and 110v solutions.
  • Inverter on trolley motion
Additional Info
Additional Info
Weight 101
Freight Status Free Freight Included to Lower 48 States.
Manufacturer Street Crane
Electrification Type Three Phase 460
Manufacturer Part Number LX011A-M51000-004-1-0
Chain Container Included Free!
Pendant Speeds One Speed
Lift Height 20 ft.
Lift Speed 16.1 ft//min.
Lift Capacity 1 Ton
Download Product Manual N/A
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Jib Crane Selection Guide

Jib cranes are the most cost effective and versatile type of lifting equipment. They are great for use in production lines to keep machining cells, workstations and warehouse production moving. Jib cranes also work well to aid larger overhead crane systems. Jib cranes are easy to install and cost effective, with less structural limitations than other material handling options.

Follow these basic guidelines to help you choose the correct jib crane for your application:

Capacity: Choose a capacity that is right for current and future lifting needs. Most of the available options at, up to 5 tons, include a 15% allowance for the hoisting equipment. This allows for full use of the rated jib crane capacity.

Span: Choose a span that is adequate to cover the full work area. Keep in mind that hoist and trolley selection may reduce the end approach, limiting hook coverage and requiring a move to a larger span.

Hook Height: The hook height is the height needed to lift your material. This measurement is equal to height under boom minus the headroom of the hoist and trolley.

Rotation: Jib cranes, depending on their design, have between 180° and 360° of rotation. Be sure that the area of installation is free of obstructions throughout the full range of rotation. Rotation stops are available upon request to limit the range of rotation.

Supporting Structure: When selecting a jib crane be sure to take into consideration the supporting structure. Building structures must be able to support the forces of the jib crane and load. Please, consult with your building designer or an engineer if uncertain of the adequacy of supporting structures. Also, keep in mind that the foundation requirements of freestanding jib cranes will add additional costs.